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Ten Best Places to Drink in Broward County

We work hard and at the end of a long day -- or a long week -- we deserve to sit back and decompress with a glass of wine or a cold beer. Happy hours were invented for this very reason, but there's more to it than just ordering up your usual beverage.

It's also about the ambience, the comfortable surroundings and that means something different for everyone. For some it's a warm, cozy pub and for others, a sleek, modern spot on the shoreline.

And what is a drink without a satisfying meal. We're not 21 anymore. Clubs and bars are well and good, but we're hard-working grown-ups now. We want a place where everybody knows our name, they're always glad we came, and the kitchen turns out our favorite bites - or they at least make sure our favorite food trucks are idling outside. (Of course, we're also not ready for the nursing home, so we won't turn down a good nightspot. Our standards are just higher.)

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So, when we put together this list of the best places to drink in Broward, we didn't base it solely on happy hour specials or draft lists or liquor selections, but on all those things and more; the total experience.

So here it is, the Ten Best Places to Drink in Broward County. Cheers!

10. Ye Olde Falcon Pub

Traditionally, British Pubs are set in their own homelike structures rather than strip-malls -- but hey, this is South Florida you do what you can with what you've got. While the exterior looks like any bar west of I-95, the interior of this English-inspired spot will have you feeling like you've gone somewhere else, even if it's not the motherland itself. With dark wooden walls, sports on TV, loud music, traditional pub grub, and more than 50 beers on the list, it's kind of like walking into a college bar -- and exactly as much fun.

9. Oceans 234

Even though South Florida is surrounded by mile upon mile of beautiful shoreline, there are only a handful of bars that are situated directly on the beach. Oceans 234 is one of them. With a great seafood-centric menu, friendly bartenders, and plenty of seating options overlooking the pier, it's kind of hard to beat in terms of oceanic atmosphere. On this side of the peninsula you may not be able to watch the sunset over the water while consuming your tropical drink, but at this place you'll probably be enjoying yourself so much you won't even notice. We'll raise a mojito to that.

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