The Daily Show: New York Pizza Is Magic, Steve Buscemi and Matthew Broderick Explain (Video)

Last week, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took on one of the largest debates in the history of our nation.

No, it's not whether or not to raise taxes -- or Obamacare -- it's who has the best pizza: New York or Chicago.

After much debate (well, not really), Stewart declared New York pizza the out-and-winner. In fact, he went so far as to say that Chicago pizza wasn't really pizza at all. It was really a casserole with naked, cold marinara on top. "It's not pizza. It's an above-ground marinara swimming pool for rats."

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Apparently, those remarks created a shitstorm of backlash from people not living in New York City. It seems Chicagoans got their panties in a bunch over the whole pizza debate with new anchors getting indignant and crazed deep dish pizza fans telling Stewart to go f**k off and die.

This week, Stewart tried to make everything right by explaining that New York pizza isn't just tastier, it's magic. In a film, Stewart got some famous New Yorkers to tell the tale of how New York pizza does everything from cure illness to make you beautiful.

Here's Steve Buscemi, Matthew Broderick, and Michael Strahan explaining the magic of a New York pizza. And, as Buscemi explains, "You don't believe in magic? That's not magic's problem. That's your f**king problem!"

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