The Somewhat Difinitive List of Local Franks

With comfort food being the rage these days, the hot dog is among the formerly forgotten foods that have made a comeback. And we've got our share of some fine frankfurters. So in honor of the Fourth, here's a list of the best local joints serving up the all-American dog.

* Palm Beach Grill: New Times named it Best Hot Dog in our Best Of Broward-Palm Beach edition this year. An excerpt: "The 100 percent kosher beef frank served at Palm Beach Grill is of this

refined, purebred species: It comes cradled in the downy folds of an

artisinal roll, oozing char-flavored juices beneath blankets of sautéed

vegetables and imported cheese."

* Roger Dean Stadium: Only two concession windows sell the Dean Dog, but the $5, 1/3-pound frank comes grilled with sautéed onions and peppers.

* Costco: Sometimes the best hot dog is the cheap one.

* Windy City Beef: The specialty here is the Chicago-style beef

sandwiches, but that doesn't mean they don't make a fine dog too.

* Hot Dog Heaven: This place first landed on our radar back in '99, the year we gave it Best Hot Dog. Here's a line from our endorsement: "The tiny sausage shrine on Sunrise Boulevard gives hot dogs the respect they deserve, serving fine plump Vienna Beef sausages from Chicago with the same fresh fixings you'd get at Wrigley Field."

Anybody I missed?

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Eric Barton
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