The Ten Worst Food Tattoos... Ever

The 16th-annual South Florida Tattoo Expo takes over the Marriott Coral Springs Hotel and Convention Center this weekend, filling the center with a cornucopia of talented ink artists and painted ladies and gentlemen.

Tattoos are a thing of beauty. Dating back to the beginnings of mankind, they forever mark the recipient with meaningful messages of loss, hope, and heritage... usually. 

Then again, there are tattoos that become permanent reminders of what a douchebag you are when you're either drunk, on vacation, or taking a dare. 

With that in mind, we present a collection of the ten worst food-related tattoos... ever.

10. Here's the thing... if you're old enough to get a tattoo, then you're too old for Hello Kitty. What's next -- a Smurf cooking?

9. Ummm... yeah... there's that too. We're hoping Papa Smurf's cooking up something tasty.8. Hey, we love bacon too. But we've got limits. For one, we don't tattoo that pronouncement on our bodies. Secondly, unlike pigs, we wash our little hooves every now and again.

7. The Taco Bells were in a perpetual turf war with their rival gang, the Burger Kings....

6. We never knew bacon and pickle were buddies. Nor did we care. We still don't.

5. Matching tattoos are a notoriously bad idea. Especially when they involve breakfast.

4. A McDonald's tramp stamp. We have no words.

3. We guess northern New York state is pretty far from heaven.

2.  And this is your brain on drugs.

1. Assburger. Home of the assburger. Coming to a food court near you.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.