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Where's the Best Cuban Walk-Up Window?

Before the holidays, I focused on trying as many Cuban restaurants as I could north of Miami. I wanted to be literate in the area's offerings, but I also wanted to get a sense of two things. The first is why we're seeing a mini Cuban restaurant boom in the 'burbs, with the opening of two Havana's Restaurants and one Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine in Wilton Manors. The second, is what's the story with the walk-up window in our car-dominated culture?

In a city or at the beach, the walk-up window makes sense, as more people

are on foot. In  the 'burbs, it's less clear. Is this for the ease of

late-night takeout? Or is the walk-up window a cultural thing, where

we're going to catch up over wee-hour sandwiches and coffee in a parking

lot? Whether it's in a city or the 'burbs, I find myself charmed by the

nostalgia of them.

I was also charmed by the throwbacks I visited, each of which offered a stronger sense of community than many restaurants I've been to since I moved here. Which brings us to this week's review.  And if you have a take on walk-up windows, have at it in the comments.

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