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Chiodos to Rise With New Singer at Revolution

Chiodos circa 2010 is a significantly different beast than it was just one year ago. In 2009, the Michigan-based post-hardcore sextet, then led by the charismatic Craig Owens, was still coasting on goodwill from its sophomore breakthrough, 2007's Bone Palace Ballet. That album had sold more than 200,000 copies and landed the group in the upper echelon of bands big enough to sell out your average House of Blues-sized venue. But all that changed when the band gave the cocky frontman the boot last fall (after having already fired its drummer). Now, Chiodos — currently fronted by former Yesterdays Rising vocalist Brandon Bolmer — is in the middle of what sports franchises like to refer to as a "rebuilding year." A new album, Illuminaudio, just surfaced this fall, which should quell skepticism from fans.

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