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Dead Kennedys Punk Up Revolution on New Year's Day

Our gut reaction to San Francisco-based hardcore punks the Dead Kennedys making a stop in South Florida was this: Yes. Then we remembered former frontman Jello Biafra (born Eric Reed Boucher) is just that, a former frontman. He called it quits with the band in '87 to pursue "greener" pastures. And we've missed him dearly.

Three other dudes have tried to take his place so far, and nothin'. They haven't released a full-length since 1986's Bedtime for Democracy (or 1987's Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death compilation, if you want to get technical). But will seminew vocalist Ron "Skip" Greer (since '08) be able to bring it as heavy as Jello would? While we dream of a "surprise appearance" by the original Boucher, we have to be somewhat realistic. Should we hide our obvious hangovers and a few misgivings and go out anyway? Yes.

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