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SkaPacolypse at the Talent Farm December 21

Everybody is gearing up for the end. And naturally, we're treating this issue of New Times as our last. Because when December 21, 2012, is circled in blood-red ink on a Mayan's calendar, it's pretty much guaranteed that's all she wrote. And by she, we mean Mother Earth, which will self-destruct or get struck by a meteor the size of Jupiter this Friday. Of course, we're not sure what time Armageddon will go down, but we're damn sure about where we'll be when it finally happens (no, not some secretive alternative-media fallout shelter in the middle of the Everglades). We'll be doing an end-of-days skank at a joint like Talent Farm Studios, celebrating the SkaPocalypse with bands like Cooper City's Hornstrum, Las Bombas del Fuego (which appropriately translates to Firebombs), Funkman's Inferno, and many others. Go rage like it's your last day, 'cause who knows, dude.

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