Tim McGraw at Cruzan Amphitheatre 4/30

In his nearly two decades in the spotlight, scruffy country hunk Tim McGraw has done pretty well for himself. Nearly everything he releases tops the charts, his fan base dwarfs Dolly Parton's gazongas, he's been awarded heavily for his musical efforts, he's one of the world's "sexiest men," and he even gets kudos for his fatherly skills. In the latter vein, McGraw is also famously married to the most-crushed-upon lady in country music, Faith Hill, and their collective "Soul 2 Soul" tours have been among the highest-grossing in the history of music.

For this year's "Emotional Traffic Tour," he'll be without his superstar wife, but there are sure to be plenty of fans to keep him company. Recently, in response to the ever-growing hoots and hollers of McGraw-mania, Curb Records issued McGraw's fourth greatest-hits compilation, and Sirius XM has launched Tim McGraw Radio, a station with content that is all McGraw, all the time. McGraw's gains have not gone without heavy appreciation. Throughout the years, he and his wife have been frequently involved in charitable activities. Among the most recent was last summer's Nashville Rising concert, which they organized in an effort to raise $2 million to aid in the recovery efforts in the wake of last May's tragic flood in the historic city.


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