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Vaski Headlines World Is Mine Dance Fest at Revolution

For a practitioner of a style as young, relevant, and underground as dubstep, Vaski (AKA Alex Brouwer) was introduced to electronic music via an unusual everyday source. Brouwer's father — a house and trance enthusiast — both turned him on to synthesized music and bought him Sony Acid Pro 2.0, Vaski's first platform for crafting his own warped loops on the computer. All this exposure was a good thing. While Brouwer is only about 20 years old and pretty much just getting started, he already has a signature song in the raw, ethereal "Get Down." The Minnesota-based DJ is also responsible for a few other decent ideas: generating a grinding remix of Darude's "Sandstorm," naming a track on his World on Fire EP after Godzilla, and distributing a Rick Roll-filled dummy version of said EP online to trick illegal downloaders.

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