Q: Do you watch reality-television shows?

A: Is that an oxymoron?

Q: Maybe.

A: I don't really watch them, but my wife does, so I have no choice. Fear Factor, American Idol, Survivor, the one with the bride. My favorite is The Osbournes. I'm an Ozzy freak.

Q: What do you like about it?

A: It really interests me to finally see what goes on behind the music. The home life, the everyday life. I always defended him over the years. I said he was not such a bad guy, that he was a family man.

Q: Is it real?

A: Definitely. Especially all the vulgar language.

Q: Is that a good thing?

A: Well, I can see some conflict from it. You've got children saying, "Oh, Mommy, the rest of the world is acting like the Osbournes. Why can't we?" But then Ozzy displays family values. Maybe that's a good thing to see on TV. A lot of parents will know they're not alone.

Q: So reality television is a mixed bag?

A: I think it's sad that, for all the things we used to do as human beings, now we think we have to turn on the TV to see how to do it.

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