Consisting of Kimmy Drake (vocals, guitar) and Skyler Black (drums), Beach Day formed in 2011 after the pair discovered a shared love of some of the most American of musical styles — namely, Detroit garage, '60s girl groups, and surf rock. They clicked instantaneously, and by the end of their initial rehearsal, they not only had a handful of tracks but their band name, a moniker taken from their first completed composition. In person, the duo (often extended into a trio with a touring bassist) channel the brilliant, raucous vibes of their heroes with songs that are crisp and tight, songs that sound like they were written by a band that's been together for the last 40 years instead of the last four. In that time, Beach Day have remained productive, signing with Kanine Records and releasing two records in two years — Trip Track Attack (2013) and Native Echoes (2014) — and touring for the better part of the last three.

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