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Bands for Bernie: Rockers Rally for Bernie Sanders in Lake Worth

Politics. It’s the one topic, aside from religion, that most people avoid in polite conversation. But when the time for politeness has passed and opinions need to be shouted, what better way to do it than with a rock 'n' roll block party? 

This Sunday, February 28, J Street in Lake Worth will be transformed into Bernie Sanders-palooza. The "Bands for Bernie" event will be a combo all-day political rally and music festival featuring three stages and 26 bands.  Perhaps in an effort to attract as many people as possible, Bands for Bernie will be an all-ages event with no cover charge (or maybe the price of free is a nod to Sanders’ brand of social democracy). The slew of local bands includes Mick Rude of Spred the Dub, folk rockers Uproot Hootenanny, and space rock circus weirdos the Zoo Peculiar.

Mick Rude said he's playing to support the only candidate worth a damn in his mind. “The Bernie Sanders campaign reminds me of eight years ago and the ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ posters that all the 18-35 demographic went nuts over. Bernie has that same hold on the millennials, but I really feel it's because every other candidate is such a douchebag that it's the lesser of the evils, and for people who don't understand how the economy works or government for that matter, Bernie is the man.”

Also attending as a guest speaker will be Democrat Tim Canova, a law and public finance professor at Nova Southeastern University, who’s running for South Florida’s 23rd Congressional District against entrenched Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz. His philosophy, posted on his official site, runs parallel to Sanders’ own: “Too often elected officials represent special interests — not the people. Let's take back our country and restore democracy.”

The festival comes at an important time for Sanders, considering his recent loss in the Nevada primary to Hillary Clinton. Taking place only two days before Super Tuesday, events like Bands for Bernie are precisely the sort of thing he needs to get a much-needed push. Already several media outlets have pronounced Sanders a dead man walking with only three primaries completed. The truth of the matter is Saturday night’s South Carolina primary is of the utmost importance to the Sanders campaign. If he falls to Clinton there as well, Bands for Bernie may end up being a farewell party.

We caught up with PureHoney Magazine founder and editor Steev Rullman, who helped organize Bands for Bernie, about why the senator from Vermont deserves our support. He wasn’t shy in his response: 

“The greater the disparity, the greater the despair.

I've been concerned about income and wealth inequality for over 20 years and have had my eye on Bernie for some time. Every time I heard him speak, it resonated with me. He speaks common sense truth. I'm pushing for Bernie because he sincerely wants to save America's "democracy." The U.S. has essentially become an oligarchy/plutocracy where the will of the people is being subverted by corrupt politicians who take their marching orders from Wall Street, multinational corporations, Big Energy, Big Pharma, and others. The establishment has systematically decimated the middle class and the economy for 40 years by setting rigged policies which benefit the already well-to-do. Income and wealth inequality have reached economically and socially unsustainable levels that will cause the collapse of their holy capitalistic cow if not remedied in a brave manner... with bold solutions. It has finally reached a breaking point. This inequality is also the root cause of many other social and political issues. Address this inequality and you begin to solve a whole host of this country's problems. No gas in the engine, car goes nowhere. (Read Nick Hanauer and Robert Reich).

Bernie Sanders has character, integrity, and class. He is the only candidate that will truly fight for us. We may never have the opportunity to elect someone like him again — someone who is truly for the people and not in the pockets of any corporations or banks. He will actually attempt to do what he says he'll do. THE TIME IS NOW. Bernie also has a much stronger chance of winning the general election than Clinton does. If she gains the nomination, the citizenry will NOT coalesce around her the way they would around Bernie. Unfortunately, many of his supporters (Independents) will simply not vote. She would greatly energize the Republican base and depress the Democratic base. Bernie is the best shot we have at beating the GOP.

Citizens United must be overturned. TTP must not be implemented. We need major campaign finance reform. Monopolies and banks must be broken up and stronger regulations enforced. Lobbyists, bribes, and collusion clutter a rigged economic system that has been siphoning off billions of dollars to very few people. The middle class has been wiped out. Democracy is on life support. Money now needs to flow back to the people for the U.S. to survive.

Flip the pyramid. Greed kills. Feel the Bern.”

Bands for Bernie Schedule:
Aces High Stage
2:30 Pink Slip
3:30 Rod MacDonald
4:30 The Cravens
5:30 33 Years
6:30 A New Way to Live Forever
7:30 Jangle Leg
8:30 Uproot Hootenanny
9:30 The Zoo Peculiar

Propaganda Stage
2:00 Mick Swigert of Spred The Dub
3:00 Rubberband
4:00 Rising Down
5:00 Now Breathers
6:00 The Prescription
7:00 Sada
8:00 Karol Stop Kallin
9:00 The Sunflowers
10:00 Kocosante
11:00 Thieving Hand
12:00 Shadow Reborn

Common Grounds Stage
2:30 Sunover
3:30 Soundproof
4:30 Blindsound
5:30 Cult Slang
6:30 Epicurean Pleasure
7:30 Pocket of Lollipops
8:30 Jean Jacket

Bands for Bernie
2 p.m., Sunday, February 28, at Propaganda Lake Worth, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. No cover, all ages. Visit Facebook for more info.
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