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Blast From the Past: Cavity - Fuck Diablo

Fuck Diablo
(Arm Records)
Fuck websites

It is no mystery for South Floridians the love that I harbor for the almighty Cavity. While this is not the first time that we see them within our Blast From the Past column, it will most certainly not be the last time either because as of the last few days I have shared some candid Facebook exchanges with my dear friend and Cavity wunderkind Dan Gorostiaga over the possibility of having a Cavity reunion within the next two years go down. I figured it was time to really strong-arm these musicians into giving the masses (re: ME) exactly what they (ME) want(s).

I always pictured it this way: remember the Far Side cartoon in which a trench coat wearing elephant is addressing a dude checking his mail in a New York lobby and the caption reads: "Remember me, Mr. Schneider? Kenya. 1947. If you're going to shoot an elephant, Mr. Schneider, you better be prepared to finish the job."? Well, I always pictured that I would have a moment like that with Mr. Gorostiaga where he'd be so inclined to remember the awesome musical memories he gave South Florida (and the fucking world) and he'd be compelled to produce not only a live (four hours long) reunion but give with a tape of unreleased Cavity tracks for my enjoyment!?!?!?!

Whoa! Better lay off the booze if I want this to sound real and not psychotic. But really, are we not owed at the very least one last Cavity tryst on a South Florida stage? Am I alone here? I don't frigging think so.

So, as part of my platform to cull the masses under one banner, I'll be devoting my considerable Blast From the Past energies in getting a digital paper trail behind a solid campaign for these guys to get it together sometime between this 2011 and 2012, for I do not believe the world ends with the Mayan calendar. The world ends when Cavity destroys our ears. Even my buddy and colleague Jose Flores has called for it! I'm not alone!!!

So because my Blast From the Past columns are disparate and non-sequential and usually fueled by booze and personal gains, I'm gonna follow up on the Drowning piece with 1998's Fuck Diablo 7"; a return to form and excellent introduction to the Cavity canon that holds within the span of ten minutes or so everything that was loveable about this band. The opening title track is replete with feedback Hell, stop and go moments, gut-throttling lower ends... it begs to be turned as loud as your system allows! Three and a half minutes of swamp death!

"Snaked" follows it and doesn't let go like good poetry. And I say poetry because there is something incredibly poetic about the visceral planes these guys depict. Something calculated and morose, something only an unquiet mind can produce late at night when the television goes fuzzy. More dooms-predicating guitars... there might not be a Mayan end, but if there was, Cavity would be the soundtrack. Flip on over to the B-side and you'll have the poetry of the beautifully titled (and extremely poetic) "No Deeper than Dredge Boats in Flood Waters." Five minutes of reflection and introspection. Or is it obfuscation and subterfuge? It don't matter, it grabs your heart and doesn't let go.

Let's get these mothers on stage soon!

On this recording Cavity was the bass styling of Dan Gorostiaga, the maniacal vocals of Rene Barge, the guitars of madmen Anthony Vialon and Ryan Weinstein and the drums of Dan Norris. Arm Records put this out in 1998 after it was recorded in the Fall of 1997 by Mr. Steve Heritage at Morrisound Studios and bears the ARM-03 cutter and plays at a gonad-crunching 33 1/3 rpm's. Artworks by Dan Gorostiaga and Luis Barrera. If you can't score a copy, I recommend you pick up 2001's compilation disc Miscellaneous Recollections '92-'97 CD on Kapow Records.

In the meantime, enjoy an MP3 off this slab of wax and make sure to sign the petition below (aka comments) to get the democratic ball rolling on this Cavity reunion we (ME) are all owed!!!

MP3: Cavity - "Fuck Diablo"

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