DIY: How to Make a Rick Ross Beard with Shit You Have Around the House

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County Grind decided to go where no DIY website or zine or whatever has ever wanted to go. We orchestrated a tutorial for making your very own Rick Ross beard.

After hearing that Ricky Rozay will be signing copies of his new album God Forgives, I Don't this evening at the Pembroke Pines Best Buy, I set on a quest to create my own Rick Ross beard. I'll be wearing this beard tonight at the signing, so you might want to head out there to catch that.

Anyway, with limited time, I was forced to create my Bawse Beard out of stuff I found under the couch, in the medicine cabinet, and hidden under the sink. I came up with something passable, and something that, if different colored markers are used, could also be worn as a Bob Ross beard (Halloween, what?!).

This DIY step-by-step guide will allow you to make your own beard a la Ross to wear tonight to the signing or just wear around the house. Take it easy on yourself, crafting is fun! Rick Ross may not forgive your shitty beard, but we will. Enjoy, and get to work!

1. Gather your supplies
So, you may or may not have these things around the house, but if not, I'll offer you alternative materials that work just as well. In my craft box (yes, I have a craft box), I had some super strong glue (glue is glue, get some), bits of old brown yarn (you can sub with ribbon or shoelaces), a brown and black marker (sometimes black turns into purple when the glue gets on it, so brown gives the same general idea), cotton balls, and this sort of puffy material you use to make shit like this (you an also cut up an old T-shirt or sweater, or shorts, you get it. Anything pliable).

2. Make the shape of the beard

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It's gotta fit your face, so, hold the foamy shit or fabric up to your face and have someone mark with a pencil where your mouth is (through this opening, you will tell Mr. Rozay how much you just love him) and where the sides of your face are. Then you cut the shape you desire.

3. Start that shit!
So, I decided to color the background of the beard in black and get as much brown marker ink onto each cotton ball as possible and then glue each to the "beard." You get the idea.

4. In case you didn't get the idea
You hold the cotton ball and try anything to get it to change color. Be warned, your fingers will be marked like those who voted in the first free Iraqi election.

5. Finally: Rick Ross!
Poke a hole in either side of the "beard" and thread a bit of brown or black yarn through it. Cover up any existing white spots with whatever marker you have left, and then put that bitch on!

OK, so I don't look like Rick Ross, but you get the idea. Hopefully, later today, I'll be able to show the Bawse himself my lil craft project. And hopefully he won't be totally grossed out by it.

Apparently Mr. Ross will draw a beard on you himself, too. So, that's another option. Head up to the Best Buy, 11450 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines at 5 p.m. The signing is free and ends at 7.

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