Ed Kowalczyk Returns, Apparently to Deliver 2012 Prophecies

​Can you feel it? It's coming back again. The forces are pulling from the center of the Earth! Of course we are referring here to the coming of 2012, and the pending annihilation of life as we know it. Don't buy into that? How else would you explain the second (by our count) coming of Ed Kowalczyk, the former frontman of '90s alternative rock band Live? He's coming to Ricochet in Miami on Sunday night.

It's now been more than 16 years since Kowalczyk and Live made their gooey and epic mark on American pop culture when "the placenta fell to the floor like a rolling thunder chasing the wind" or whatever. So we must wonder: Why return now, as the world enters 2012, unless to deliver powerful prophecies in the form of Christian rock?

Really, Live disbanded only a couple of years ago, when, according to his former bandmates, Kowalczyk tried to pull some sneaky and outrageous moves such as demanding a $100,000 "lead singer" bonus in order to play a festival. According to Kowalczyk, the band split because it was time for him to "spread his wings." To the general public, they've been out of sight for long before they announced their hiatus in 2009. Maybe even since the "new mother cried and the angel opened her eyes" back in '94.

Whatever the case may be, Kowalczyk released his first solo album last year, and he is looking more intense than ever. One look at the video below and it is clear that he is intent on assuming his position in the lineage of faith-inspired cheesy rock stars. He recently mentioned taking a page out of Bono's playbook. What messages, prophecies, and/or radio hits from the '90s he will deliver at his solo show in Miami Sunday night is yet to be seen.

Ed Kowalczyk. 9 p.m. Sunday, January 1, at Ricochet Bar and Lounge, 3250 NE First Ave.,  Ste. 122B, Miami. Tickets cost $25. Click here.

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Travis Newbill