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Love, She Wrote and Fallen From the Sky to Headline Music Saves Lives Event at Revolution, Jan. 10

Fallen From the Sky
(Photo via the band's MySpace page.)

Pat yourself on the back for attending Saturday's early-evening, all-ages extravaganza at Revolution. It's sponsored by Music Saves Lives, a California-based group on its way to nonprofit status that aims to "create opportunities for people to save lives with simple contributions, and to teach the facts about the effects of what they contribute to."

That's a long sentence, but more clearly, the group puts on shows whose proceeds benefit other live-saving charities, with plenty of educational materials inside, so kiddies understand where a chunk of the money from their reasonably priced tickets are going. So far, that's been a number of blood donation and bone-marrow-registry groups. And beyond the music, a number of scene-related companies are sponsoring the event, among them Killbrand clothing and Bad Cat Amps, so expect stickers, display tables, and other goodies that'll make life-saving pretty fun.

One of two headliners here is Love, She Wrote,

a Ft. Lauderdale-based trio who claim influence from classic Nineties

early emo/pop-rock acts like Saves the Day, the Get Up Kids, and Jimmy

Eat World. Yay for melody and nuance -- there's no useless screaming

here, just whip-tight tunes with enough studio polish to appeal to fans

of the kinds of bands regularly featured in Alternative Press. In fact,

the group has garnered a write-up in January's issue of that magazine

-- look for it on newsstands.

Co-headliners Fallen from the Sky are also local, a quintet from Boca who are currently signed to hardcore stable Eulogy.

Accordingly, their sound is harder-edged, with gruff vocals, but still

an uncanny knack for hooks. Sort of like beauty meets the beast, tracks

like "Out of Control" are music to the ears of people who miss

thoughtful, hardcore-tinged, skate-friendly punk.

-- Arielle Castillo

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Arielle Castillo
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