Manicato at Transit Lounge Tonight

​If you're thinking this means Transit Lounge's little eats spot next door is now serving pasta, you're wrong. Or you could be right. Frankly, I've never really looked at the menu. It's my understanding the offer late-night pizza and chicken fingers to soak the booze in your belly, but that's not to say they couldn't throw together some spaghetti.

Still, the Manicato -- not manicotti -- in question is a band, not a deliciously cheese-filled Italian dish. A Puerto Rican rock band, no less. The name Manicato refers to a word for PR's indigenous people, the Taino, meaning a bold and valiant person of good heart. And the group, based in San Fran and comprised of vocalist, guitarist and percussionist Israel Matos, vocalist-percussionist Cris "Papi" Matos, trombonist Alan Williams, trumpet player Danny Cao and conga man "'Quique" Padilla.

With influences ranging from one varied source to another--Manu Chao, Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe, Bob Marley, Yerba Buena, Los Van Van and Steel Pulse, among them--it's no wonder Manicato's sound is such a mishmash of styles. Blending salsa, timba, rock, reggae and even hip hop, the resulting mix is danceable, to say the least.

So head to Transit tonight and check out Manicato. And try the veal.

...this is what happens when I post before breakfast.

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Christopher Lopez