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With 2013 almost in the books, we can sit back and recollect on what a great year it was musically, or we can be greedy and count next year's chickens before they hatch.

We're choosing the latter.

Sure, 2013 had its sweet moments. There were crossover hits that (almost) everyone enjoyed, like everything Daft Punk or Drake, a solid number of fantastic musical acts that performed locally -- from Arcade Fire to Bob Dylan to Janelle Monae -- and not to mention the phenomenon that was twerking. But we expect even more from 2014. And here's exactly what we want the musical gods to give us in the New Year.

A wide range of musical acts coming to South Florida

Being at the tip of a peninsula makes us an inconvenient tour stop, but South Florida music fans have gotten good at supporting acts that are down to brave the subtropical climate. The year starts promising with Les Claypool, Jay Z, Paul Simon & Sting, among others, performing locally. Let's hope our concert choices stay strong for 12 months.

Promoters of massive music festivals finding a heart

2014's Ultra Music Festival outdid themselves for this year's line-up. M.I.A., Empire of the Sun, MGMT, and Cut Copy. Which makes you giddy, until the sticker shock sets in. Tickets, with service charges, cost $490. Who can afford this? Obviously tons of people, as they always sell out, but how about Ultra and other music festivals like Coachella sell individual day tickets so non-trust fund babies can get a taste?

Modest Mouse putting out a new album

It's going on seven years since the indie Northwestern band put out an album. There were rumors Big Boi from Outkast was working with them, too. Last summer they canceled their European tour, supposedly to work on this new album, but still nothing. And so we wish.

The Beatles getting on Spotify

Led Zeppelin and Metallica finally came to terms with the music streaming giant. That leaves the Fab 4 as the biggest hole in Spotify's library.

Arcade Fire returning to South Florida

Arcade Fire played two legendary "secret" shows in Miami as the Reflektors in October, at which they claimed they would be back. But when they announced their 2014 tour, Florida was nowhere to be found on their itinerary Here's hoping they're not liars and make their down to this, the national penis.

Miley Cyrus continuing to piss people off

More a public relation wish list than a music related one. We found great joy in Cyrus's PR stunts: getting Sinead O'Connor and the Parent's Television Council's knickers in a bunch included. Let's see how much closer she can take us down the rabbit hole of entertainingly idiotic behavior.

Our musical legends growing older

2013 had us bidding adieu to Lou Reed, Richie Havens, and Ray Manzarek from the Doors. Dying is a part of life, but let's hope the Grim Reaper spares us our favorites this year.

Record shops staying in business

It's wonderful that the internet allows us the opportunity to connect with music lovers anywhere in the world, but it's crucial that human beings have the ability to interact with flesh and blood people. No better place to congregate and debate your passions than a record shop. Without Radio-Active Records, Sweat Records, and the recently moved Uncle Sam's, South Florida's musical scene would be a much lonelier place.

Led Zeppelin reuniting

Every year I wish this and every year my wish is wasted. Until 2014??

The beat going on

Maybe 2014 will be the year the next Hendrix first picks up a guitar or the next DJ Shadow messes with a turntable or the next Alicia Keys learns how to play piano. Most probably this will be the time someone begins doing something sonically we can't even imagine.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.