One Direction's Final Show Yields Tween and Vanilla Ice Tweets (and a Rad Slideshow)

Photos: One Direction and fans at BankAtlantic Center

Boy crazed tweens around the world are mourning the end of the 2012 One Direction tour. Thanks to the kiddies, creepies, and the band, we snooped around the web and found a nice bouquet of tweets written by both the superyoung fangirls out there and some questionable others. The five well-coifed guys packed BankAtlantic last night and, for certain, wet many a middle-schooler's eye with emotion.

We pulled together some of those interesting tweets for you to peruse and encourage you to check out the sildeshow. Thanks to our Twitter stalking, we saw that Vanilla Ice was chillin' with these five teenaged homies just days ago. Click over for some gems.

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Whut, whut, Vanilla Ice?! Keeping it young and cool in the 954.

It seems the Olympics are happening this year because One Direction is performing at them. And this "white eskimo." is apparently like 3 years old and doesn't even remember life before a band whose members were all born in the 1990s.

Um, ~CONCERT HANGOVER~, you sound like the most psycho psychopath ever. Leave the boys be! They're Irish; their skin may not be suited for the blazing Florida sun. They're funna leave.

Bro, please don't die before or after seeing One Direction. Miami apparently does love 1D, and we repeat the sentiment, "Omg what is life !!!"

Let's talk South Florida, babies. Maybe in Colombia, you'd see the Colombian flag flying high at a One Direction show, but it's true that in most of the U.S., we here, are a Latin-centric anomaly.

Last but not least, this is makes us cry too, we suppose. But listen, tweens and Vanilla Ice: These guys are about 19, they have their whole lives ahead of them to tour and return to a land where foreign flags fly and where we will try to keep you forever, and that's final!

He's on top of the world, look at him!

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