Q&A with Eric Lopez-Zareno from Teepee, Playing Bar on Thursday

​I first witnessed Teepee's Eric Lopez-Zareno in all his synthy greatness at Cinema Sounds 6. For most of the performance I couldn't even see him (blame it on my sitting at the upper level, or his sitting down throughout his performance), and wondered how his music could make something so mundane and downright creepy like burning flesh make me feel so relaxed.

His music's entrancing qualities may lie in the fact that no show of his is ever the same -- literally, he plays different instruments at each show -- but for me, it's his one-man band status.

Teepee tour kickoff with Nerve City, Heartstrings, and Hahahelp! 9

p.m. Thursday, May 6 at Bar, 28 NE 14th St., Miami. Admission is free;

age 21 and up; 305-633-9345;

New Times: What made you come up with the concept for Teepee as a one-man band?

Eric Lopez-Zareno: During the time, I was playing in bands that were already established. It came to a point where I realized I had the right tools and knowledge to sit down and start writing my own material. I didn't have plans to get anyone involved, so I made it a solo project.

What's it like to tour and come up with new songs when you're in a one-man band? How does the creative process work?

This will be my first tour. It's fun/challenging coming up with new songs. I only have myself to figure out structures of the tunes, find out what instrumentation it should be and decide whether or not it's a keeper. Since I'm by myself I tend to write tons of material, which gives me endless possibilities to do whatever I want. I think my releases speak for themselves. If you hear most of my output, it's all fairly different, but it's all tied together because the voice (metaphorically) is the same.

All my Miami shows have been different as well. I've never played the same show twice because I'm always trying something new and I seem to go with the idea of non-attachment. But on this tour I'll be more consistent with each show.

So then in that respect, got anything new or different planned for Thursday's show and/or this tour?

I'll be trying out new songs and also trying different versions of older songs. My live sets for the tour will be similar to what I'll be playing this Thursday.

What kind of show do you have planned for Thursday?

I will be playing solo with acoustic guitar, keyboard drones and vocals.

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