Secret Rough-Hewn Americana Party in Fort Lauderdale!

What I'm really digging about social networking sites is how readily information comes for me to capitalize on, and as a sweet byproduct that will not hinder my paycheck, you, my loyal readers, get to find out about choice gigs like this! Tonight, young Kilmo will host in his warehouse and studio space an intimate and quite possibly raucous gig with Charlie Pickett, Mr. Entertainment, Boise Bob, and Vesper Sparrow for the negligible donation of five bucks.

These are all veterans of South Florida stages and revered by gourmands of Floridiana, and with a promise of an 8 p.m. until the wee morning hours show, how can you fucking lose? There will be drinks and snacks too! Unless you really, really have to stay indoors for some Jersey Shore douchebaggery, you'd be right to mosey on over and get a taste of real music by real people.

Charlie Pickett, Mr. Entertainment, Boise Bob, and Vesper Sparrow at 8 p.m. Friday, July 30, at Fat Village, 543 NW First St., Fort Lauderdale. $5 cover. No phone, no website; just look for the Fat Village sign one block west of Maguire's Hill.

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Abel Folgar