The Ghost of Bradley Nowell Discusses Badfish

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March 7, 2012
Revolution, Fort Lauderdale

Last night, Sublime tribute act Badfish brought their lovin' to Revolution in Fort Lauderdale, and from what I was told, it was a pretty cool scene! You see, I wasn't there. I was at home on my couch, bong in hand, listening to the self-titled Sublime album on my Discman. I had stayed away from the show out of principle. I felt that listening to my old, scratched CD would be a more proper way to honor the late Bradley Nowell than going to the club to watch some posers play his music.

By the time "Santeria" came around on the Discman, I had smoked through half my bag of weed. Mind you, this was some powerful weed. I felt a tear begin to well up in my eye when the guitar solo began. No homo! Then, suddenly, the ghost of Bradley Nowell appeared in front of me, sitting down with his guitar, soloing away, just like in the music video!

When the song ended, he looked up at me with a grin. I stared back slack-jawed and bleary-eyed. "Dude!" he said. "Aren't you supposed to be reviewing the Badfish show?"

"Dude," I said. "I was gonna, but I figured it would bum me out too much to see those wannabees jockin' your steez."

"Dude," he replied. "I have no steez to jock. Sublime is a state of being that can be evoked by anyone. Badfish does the honorable duty of bringing it to life for those I have left behind."

"Dude," I said. "That is heavy. I'm glad Ian Witlen is there taking pictures."

"Yeah man," he said. "He takes some great shots. He's not only covering the show, but your ass as well. County Grind will need something to put up on the blog."

"Dude," I said. "What about that dude Rome? Is he an honorable disciple, keeping the Sublime spirit alive for all the dudes and betties?"

"Dude," he said. "Actually, I think he's okay, but the Sublime with Rome thing is pretty wack. I think Bud and Eric are mostly doing it for the money and they can't come up with anything more creative than hiring a stand in for me and doing the same damn thing we did two decades ago. If I were them, I'd probably feel pretty creeped out and silly playing with a Bradley Nowell imitator."

"Word. I talked to that dude Rome a while back. He was alright, but seemed to lack personal inspiration. I'm glad to have the opportunity to speak with you now. It kind of brings things full circle. Would you like a bong hit?"

"Dude, I don't have lungs. Thanks though. Actually, I have to get going. Badfish is doing a shout-out to me over at Revolution, and the kids are counting on my spirit being in the room. Peace out. And remember, lovin' is what you got."

"Thanks dude! Hey, before you leave, could you sing that song where the hot sixteen year old gives you a blow job?"

"Next time, dude. Keep on that reefer!"

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