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Weekend Playlist: Heat Stroke Songs for Scorched Ears

T.S. Eliot once said that April was the cruelest month. He did not live in Florida.

It isn't even officially summer yet and South Florida temperatures are already exceeding 90 degrees daily. Brain-melting heat coupled with enough humidity to leave anyone sweat-soaked in less than ten minutes can dissuade anyone from leaving the comforts of central AC. However, for those of you braving the elements and the blinding rays of the sun, County Grind has a treat for you.

We've compiled the perfect playlist to allow you to actually enjoy the inevitable heat stroke that you will experience during whichever outdoor activity you choose to partake in. Head over to our profile on and listen to the songs we feel would best ease your mind into heat-induced unconsciousness.

Track Listing:

Hear Hums - "Change"
Chemical Brothers - "Star Guitar"
Balam Acab - "Regret Making Mistakes"
Sumsun - "Call It Home"
Gold Panda - "India Lately"
Four Tet - "Plastic People"
Holy Fuck - "Stay Lit"
A Place to Bury Strangers - "Ego Death (Figo Remix)"
Salem - "Asia"
Jesu - "You Wear Their Masks"
Caribou - "Lalibela"

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Ryan Burk