Five Reasons Donald Trump Would Make a Great President

Donald Trump just got one step closer to announcing his run for president. On Wednesday, Trump announced via Twitter that he was launching an exploratory committee to assess the possibility of taking another run at the White House in 2016. 

Trump used his experience as a businessman and TV mogul as reasons why he'd make a great president. "Americans deserve better than what they get from their politicians — who are all talk and no action!" he said in a statement. "I have built a great company, created thousands of jobs, and built a tremendous net worth with some of the finest and most prestigious assets in the world — and very little debt!"

Trump also said that the rest of the world has lost respect for America and that other nations take advantage of the U.S. representatives because of poor negotiating skills. 

"I am the only one who can make America truly great again!" he said.

And he's right! It's time we all take a serious look at Trump's qualifications! Here now are the five reasons Donald Trump would make a great president!  

5. He Knows How to Get Things Done 
By calling for a revolution anytime things don't go his way! Like when Obama won reelection over Mitt Romney. Trump was so mad at the electoral process, he called for America to start another revolution. Like a petulant preteen girl, Trump threw a Twitter hissy and called on people to march on Washington to "Revolution!" All because he didn't get what he wanted.

That is a man who get things done! 

4. He's Smart
We need a POTUS with discernment and wisdom. Someone who knows how to circumnavigate complex issues like foreign policy and the economy while using his knowledge to tell the difference between domestic threats and international tensions. And who better than Trump? Sure there was that one time he was tricked into retweeting a tribute to a couple of serial murderers. But to be fair, Twitter is a lot harder than it looks.

It takes a wise president to help the world mourn tragic loss from a senseless act, like when he blamed France's strict gun laws for the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

And for those folks who decry politicians who try to swerve away from important topics by saying they're not scientists, no worries. Because Trump thinks he's a scientist, which is just as good as being one.

It'll be totally fine, America. Just elect this man and give him the nuclear launch codes.

3. When That 3 a.m. Phone Call Comes In, He'll Know What to Do
If relations ever got even more strained with places like Russia, Iran, or North Korea, Trump could simply take charge of the situation by taking to Twitter and calling Putin a loser. No one can carry a Twitter beef better than Trump, who has managed to go to war in 140 characters or less with the likes of Florida Power & Light as well as Buzzfeed and obscure rap artists. He's also not afraid to take on people within his own party, like the time he Twitter-beefed with fellow Obama-hater Michele Malkin

2. He's Exactly What African-Americans Need Right Now
No one knows the black struggle like a rich white guy who puts his name on every building he buys with the money he inherited from his dad. Trump knows what's up, black America. Unlike Obama, who has made things worse for you, according to Trump. And this came to fruition during the Ferguson riots.

With Trump at the helm, America will never riot again.

1. He's Down With the Hippity-Hop Music Just Like Obama!

Tyler the Creator knows what's up. He's totally going to vote for Trump, maybe, probably not, but you never know. And so should you!

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