70. Poke at Johnny V

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70. Poke at Johnny V

Ahi tuna is fancied up in the presentation of this Hawaiian dish. Pan-seared and cubed, tuna is set in layers, with wakame seaweed salad in between. Yuzu vinaigrette seasons the fish, and green roe serves as garnish.

Poke is traditionally sashimi-grade tuna, seasoned with sea salt, soy, inamona, a dash of sesame, onions, and chilies for hotheads. It's a humble dish that originates with Hawaiian fishermen, who created varieties according to ingredients on hand.

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Big flavors also grace the plate at Johnny V: Quick-pickled cucumber slices with a

dot of sriracha alternate with bonita potato chips. Grilled pineapple is

the finish, speared for dramatic effect.

Johnny V is chef Johnny Vinczencz's place, the Las Olas restaurant that features crowd pleasers layered with international ingredients. Poke here was paired with an earthy Sancerre and good company. You should try it too.

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