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Alec Baldwin Dines at Fort Lauderdale Vegan Mecca Sublime

The tweet came last night, from Alec Baldwin, right here in our fair city, where he's shooting a movie with Tom Cruise and Russell Brand. No, he's not still mad at South Park for making fun of him. 

But he was raving... in no uncertain and epicurean terms, about his sublime experience at Sublime, Fort Lauderdale's haughty shrine to vegetarianism. 

"Dinner at Sublime in Fort Lauderdale," he tweeted. "The Le Bernardin of vegan dining." (Le Barnardin is a fancy joint in NYC.)

Earlier today, Sublime tweeted, "Alec Baldwin dined at Sublime last night! Who knows who will be in tonight?" 

Hmmm... is this a hint? Russell Brand, Tom Cruise, and Julianne Hough are costarring; let's see whether they follow Baldwin's dining recommendations. No one answered the phone at Sublime when we called; will update if we get any juicy deets. If you spot the stars eating around town, be sure to tip us by emailing [email protected].

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