Are McBites the New McRib?

McDonald's has released McBites, made of chicken breast -- and rib -- meat, nationwide, along with 20 additional ingredients, not including breading. The chain's version of popcorn chicken debuted in Fort Lauderdale about three weeks ago.

Served in a Chinese-takeout-inspired container, they're available in three-, five, and ten-ounce containers through April 20.

The three-ounce snack size delivers 310 calories, the five- ounce is 490 calories, and the ten-ounce is 1,050 calories. Servings sell from $1.99 to $4.99.

Will the limited debut inspire the mania for McRib? Or are they just too cute?

"They're good for people who want their chicken without the chicken," said a Chowhounder, since some bites end up just breading. Perhaps they're healthier.


move is one of several that have prompted growth for the company for

2011, reports the Los Angeles Times. McNuggets sales grew 10 percent in the third quarter. Breakfast sales increased 20 percent due to the dollar menu introduced two years ago. And frozen strawberry lemonade and mango pineapple fruit smoothies increased sales by 16 percent, which explains the introduction of the dubious Cherry Berry Chiller for 2012.

Should you choose to co-opt another hashtag, this time around, it's #littlethings.

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