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Booze Hound: Tsunami of a Deal at RA Sushi

At RA Sushi (5829 SW 73rd St.), a South Beach-y black sheep nuzzled within the crevices of the laid-back, pub-heavy South Miami bar scene, it really doesn't matter what you like. You can tell your server your booze-buds howl for scotch on the rocks, drool for Manhattans, get frisky with fuzzy navels, or regularly crave freshly drawn virgin's blood. They don't care. Whenever you ask them to suggest a drink, they always serve up this beast:

It's their Tsunami Fruit Punch. And in a cutesy way (honestly, I was surprised that I never found any lame-o gummy koi fish floating around in this Mount Fuji-size goblet), it's pretty intimidating. Basically it's a 60-ounce, Japanese-take on a traditional New Orleans Hurricane (hence, the tsunami). Yet, instead of fruit punch mixed with a variety of light and dark rums, RA Sushi opts for a blend cold sakes, Amaretto, Southern Comfort, and tropical juices. And although I'm more of a fan (like many an old man) of light, crisp drinks like gin and tonics, I got to admit, I enjoyed this fish bowl barbarian. It's sweet, but you don't feel like you're slowly developing a cavity. And like a Long Island Ice Tea, you have absolutely no idea how much liquor you're slowly sipping to your liver until it's way too late and your giggling as you poke through a mass of half-melted ice with a straw, looking to stab a damn gummy coy. Because now yah jus' gotta eaaaaaaat.

And sure, when there's no McDonald's within walking distance and you can't whip up a delicious McNuggitini, drunk munchies can be a bitch. So do indulge in menu stand-outs like the Lobster spring rolls and the Crispy Spicy Tuna roll - the latter coated in tempura and topped with a half an inch of tuna tartare. Both these dishes go for $9.75. And the Tsunami Fruit Punch will put you back $12.50, but before you scoff at this Sobe-wanna-be prices, keep in mind that when ordering this drink, it's like you're ordering three.

Last Call: I would suggest this as a start-out drink for a night of South Miami bar hopping. It's economical and safe start in avoiding a nasty hang over. Remember, before a night of drinking, always keep in mind this sweet, children's lullaby: "Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, the skies are clear."

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Elyse Wanshel