Buzzed in Paradise

Misty drops off a hot basket of wings at the table, wishes us luck, and scurries away to her next group of eager sports fans. The smell of the Triple Threat wings (barbecue sauce, hot sauce, and garlic sauce mixed together and topped with minced garlic) mingles with the sounds of 30 fanatics screaming at their respective games. It's a sensory overload in the greatest sense of the term. Huge high-definition televisions cover every inch of the restaurant walls, showing every possible sporting event. Even though there are probably a 100 people in the main bar, it doesn't feel crowded thanks to the 20-plus-foot ceilings and wide-open spaces between groups of tables. Once the meal is done and the nicotine cravings kick in, I walk out to the back patio, which is just as packed as the main bar and is also loaded with televisions so smokers won't miss a second of their game. Bru's Room in Coconut Creek is easily one of the most enjoyable sports bars I've ever visited, and it's become my go-to place for watching sports with a few hundred friends.

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