Deal Of The Day: $8 Buys $20 Worth at Armony's Pizza in Plantation

Armony's -- the place with the sense and ambition to create the Breakfast Pizza -- is our Deal of the Day. You've got about 8 hours to get in on the goodness.

Of course, any excuse to trek out to Armony's is a worthy one. While you're still in a dead rack, dreaming of bon-bons or skydiving or whatever, the Armony's crew is open for business, and making dough and tomato sauce from scratch. 

Check out the mushrooms, all breaded with a secret homemade batter, and the fresh garlic rolls that'll keep the vampires away.


Armony's is at 1951 N. Pine Island Rd., Plantation, 954-616-5147.

To save 60% on your next meal there, click away at the link on the other page. You'll be glad you did. New Times'll be glad, too. Not to mention Armony's.

It's a win-win-win.

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