Five Gross But Delicious Halloween Cupcakes: Spiders, Maggots and Rats

Aah, Halloween -- when it's fully socially acceptable to freak out your friends by serving them oozing brains, wiggly worms, and zombie guts.  But with these five grody cupcakes, don't be surprised if your plan backfires. They are so fa-boo-lous tasting that instead of running away scared, your friends will be banging down your door for seconds!

Here are our top five finds:

5. Maggot Cupcakes
These maggot infested cupcakes, featured on theextraordinaryartofcake.com, really push the boundary between frightening and fantastic. The key to making the maggots look real? "It's all in the wiggle!"

4.Wooly Spider Cupcakes

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