Former Emeril's South Beach Chef to Lead Thasos

After opening just three and a half months ago along East Oakland Park Blvd. a block away from the ocean, Thasos Greek Taverna has changed up its top toque.

Gone is William D'Auvray who opened the upscale Greek eatery with chef/consultant Giorgio Bakapsias. Both were from North Carolina. In their place comes Brian Cantrell, former head chef of Emeril's on South Beach and A Fish Called Avalon.

Sophia Mylona, co-owner of Thasos wouldn't say why the restaurant and D'Auvray parted ways, but noted that the menu will undergo some small changes. We followed up with Mylona to get a peek at the new menu, but didn't get a response.

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It will "not be completely different," she said, "but things were not exactly the way I wanted so we're changing."

One potential riff arose when we spoke with Mylona for the review. The kitchen had become overwhelmed with the demand for their house made pita breads.

"Our chef is devastated we don't make the pita any more," she told us.

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