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Fuck You Yelper Collects Website's Most Asinine Comments

Among my favorite links today is one brought to my attention by our colleagues over at LA Weekly. Behold Fuck You Yelper, the Tumblr dedicated to collecting jackass comments on Yelp. The company's rendition of online democracy is great in theory but has shaped up to become an abrasive collection of comments that businesses sometimes stack in their favor, or a slew of submissions showcasing utter stupidity. That said, Yelp's legal woes in 2010 led to doubled traffic, to a whopping 50 million visitors a month, reported Huffington Post.

The folks who birthed the Tumblr dedicate it "to the douchebaggery idiots

commit when enabled with an internet connection, enough money for a

meal, and a sense of entitlement." The Fuck You Yelpers have joined

sympathizers with disdain for the site, such as these

folks at Funny or Die.

Some gems from the site:

Exhibit A

came out fifteen minutes after I ordered it. It sucked. It tasted like

Club soda with a splash of Crystal Light." (1-star review of Olio

Pizzeria and Cafe by Ginsu T.) 

Exhibit B

"This restaurant is CONFUSED. Going for dainty frenchy place, with menu

item names you can't pronounce. Owner is super white. But everyone else

is mexican with HUGE accents, that make it a Mexican restaurant

atmosphere instead=mess up ambiance. There's nothing wrong with

hespanics!! It just messes the ambiance. It's like having a Chinese

accent guy serving you Indian food." (1-star review Elements Cafe by

Aadila M.)

Check it out over here or follow on Twitter @EffYouYelper.

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