Gimme A Burger Appearing on World Food Championships

Gimme A Burger Appearing on World Food Championships

We all love watching someone we know or a place we've visited on the TV screen.

It doesn't make sense at all, but for whatever reason, it feels like you're getting a piece of the limelight as well -- hey, fame is a funny thing.

Turns out another local spot is making its debut on the small screen.

Gimme A Burger is appearing on World Food Championships tomorrow night.

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After taking home first-place at BaconFest 2013, the South Florida-based burger shops (with locations in Pembroke Pines and Deerfield Beach) were invited to compete in the Bacon World Championship at the World Food Championships. It was one of just 34 restaurants from all across the country invited to compete.

Gimme A Burger Appearing on World Food Championships

In November 2013, owner Serhad Oktay and a few staff members packed their bag and flew to Vegas for the competition. FYI, a new network from A&E Networks, was on-site to document the event; it's airing as part of a new food-centric series, World Food Championships.

Oktay and his staff were thrilled to be part of the event and the series.

"The whole event was a lot of fun," says Oktay. "We met a lot of people that share our same passion for food. We just wish there had been a make-up and hair team with the television crew!"

To celebrate its big TV debut, Gimme A Burger is offering the specially created bacon infused burger with bourbon onion jam and spiced brown sugar bacon urls ($8.95) with free fries and a drink from Thursday through Sunday.

The episode is airing at 10 p.m. on Thursday, July 17, on FYI.

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