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Good Time Had by (Almost) All at the Museum of Discovery and Science's Annual Food Fete

The sky had just begun to clear on Friday night, saving dozens from being soaked as they waited to be banded, wineglassed, and plated before taking on a wide field of food and drink inside Fort Lauderdale's Museum of Discovery and Science.

It was the museum's 18th foodcentric fundraiser dubbed the Wine, Spirits, and Culinary Celebration. There was indeed plenty of wine to be had, though our favorite was the sweet Strongbow Cider, which was poured generously as opposed to the small sips we received from some vintners.

Sure it was a "winetasting" event, but it was clear that tasting was being taken to the max. A group of men laughed giddily each time a woman jumped out of her high heels when with a loud hiss the pressure in a plastic tube that snaked around the museum was released, letting the ball inside soar above the crowd.

As I circled both the museum's upstairs and downstairs, I couldn't help but notice the dominant dish of the night: meatballs. Da Campo Osteria served them. So did Frankie and Johnny's, East End Brasserie and Café Vico. Some came in a savory mushroom sauce and were made with veal. Others were the standard beef in tangy red sauce with a side of ricotta cheese. Susie's Scrumptious Sweets offered red velvet and dark chocolate cake balls.

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Zachary Fagenson is the restaurant critic for Miami New Times, and proud to report a cholesterol level of 172.
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