Hot Women Giving Free Drinks: Technically, They're Called "Brand Ambassadors"

Ever been at an event or just out at a bar and you notice a couple of sexy young women being really nice to you and offering free liquor of a particular brand? You probably know they aren't doing this because of your irresistible animal magnetism - you do know that, don't you?

Call them shot girls, drink babes, whatever - these young women are marketing professionals and their official title is Brand Ambassadors.

Sex appeal has been used to sell everything from underwear to cars. What would an event in South Florida be without a sexy ladies in tight dresses doling out drinks? This promotional tactic exists because it works.

Have you ever stopped and wondered, "Where do these hot shot girls come from, anyway?"

Many of the local Brand Ambassadors - as they will henceforth be called in this blog post and hopefully by you in real life - come from an agency called Princess Promotions.

If you consider yourself any kind of feminist, that probably made you flinch. But look, attractive young women need to make a living just like everybody else, and if men are silly enough to be lured into liking or buying a product - which is probably good all on its own - by a lovely young woman offering them a complementary beverage, who's really being exploited here?

Princess Promotions - currently marking its 20th birthday - is owned and operated by Kim Rubin. She's employed many Brand Ambassadors over the years. She says that hawking free booze is a great stepping stone to careers in marketing and public relations. Take that, naysayers.

"Our Princess Team Members earn between $20 to $25 an hour, sometimes more

depending on the type of event. This is a great way to gain experience

in the marketing field, promotions management, event planning, and in

the wine and spirit industry including sales reps for distributors,

suppliers and market managers. We also have a recruiting division for

job placement in those fields. We are always looking for reliable and

professional staff as we are growing every day. We are always looking for reliable, vivacious, attractive and professional Brand Ambassadors to represent our customers and a variety of different brands in the utmost professional manner." 

Rubin says that experience in preferred but not required. Confidence and an outgoing personality seem to be the mos important qualities - though firm glutes probably don't hurt. You should visit Pricess Promotions' website, princess-promotions.com and fill out an application.

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