Iron Fork on Instagram: Awesome Photos Taken by Our Readers

Lisa Shairi via Instagram
"We ate till it hurt."
It's pretty clear that you enjoyed last evening's Iron Fork and Miami Spice Kick-Off event, presented by the Downtown Development Authority. How do we know? By the awesome Instagram photos you took.

And you guys got creative; from night shots of the beautiful venue, to selfies with clown noses, to the food itself, you truly captured the evening.

We could go on and on, but we'll let you do the talking -- in pictures. Here are our 10 favorite Instagram photos, counting down to our winning image at number one. Congrats to all and we'll see you next year!

Thumbnail image for ironforkinstagramarshtcenter.jpg
Arsht Center via Instagram
10. Snow angels in Miami? Only at Iron Fork!

paatkinson via Instagram
9. Slava's Snow Lounge.

Thumbnail image for ironforkinstagramreginaslim.jpg
reginaslim via Instagram
8. It's Snowing!

_kay_1231 via Instagram
7. Feeling Blue.

barofuqqingnessa via Instagram
6. Miami snow #shitinmydrink.

b_brittfloflo13 via Instagram
5. Bite-sized tiramisu.

The Hungry Post via Instagram
4. Why So Serious?

1oakeyewear via Instagram
3. James Royal Palm rambutan and quinoa.

UMCorey via Instagram
2. From the Top of Iron Fork. Spoon Me!

Forever_shera via Instagram
1. Congrats to Forever_Shera, who completely summed up the evening in one Instagram collage. You won a $50 gift card to Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar!

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