Jennifer Aniston Fills Her Pool With Smartwater, Has Alien Love Child (Video)

I went to high school with Jennifer Aniston. This was long before Friends made her a superstar, and Aniston was just another slightly awkward teen at the High School of Performing Arts/LaGuardia School of the Arts.

You may know it as the Fame school, where adolescents danced in the cafeteria and learned Shakespeare instead of algebra.

Because she's a fellow alum, I've followed her career. And the tabloid

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articles. And her Smartwater endorsements (if drinking water can give

you that hair and body... I want some of that).

So, it shocked me

(and gave me a slight frisson of jealous pleasure) to watch this "secret

security camera footage" taken from the star's home and leaked by Ryan

Seacrest. In it, we learn that Aniston has two secret love children

(including a space alien); is, in fact, pregnant again; has really bad

hair; and not only drinks Smartwater... she swims in it.

It's actually a brilliant spoof that proves the actress has a sense of humor. And wait till you see who her secret son is.

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