Mario Batali Feeds Jon Stewart With His Mouth (video)

As you may know, Stephen Colbert has put Jon Stewart in charge of his Super PAC during Colbert's current run for president of... something or other.

Stewart, obviously taking the responsibility to heart, started his Daily Show monologue wearing a lovely crown from the Elizabeth Taylor estate (bought with Colbert Super PAC funds).

Mentioning that he came into some money recently, he admitted to not getting direction as to how to spend the PAC funds. "I don't speak to Stephen Colbert other than on the phone or in person," he said. Obviously the only thing to do is to find the hidden message in television segments featuring the rival television host/frenemy/political candidate. And that message would be hiring Mario Batali to cook Stewart an expensive Italian meal with Super PAC funds. Batali arrives on set with a beautiful fritata.

Only problem is, Stewart must preserve his jaw strength (plus, he points out that his saliva is currency in South American countries).

Batali (for an additional fee) offers to do the only thing a self-respecting celebrity chef who is basically whoring himself out for any airtime whatsoever would do in this situation... He chews the food and spits it into Stewart's mouth mama-bird style. Which, to be honest -- is truly awesome!

Here it is for your viewing amazement (jump to the five-minute mark). We strongly suggest you don't watch this while eating:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.