Oh, the Horror! Top Ten Scariest Restaurant Phrases

Sometimes the most frightening day of the year isn't Halloween but the day you decide to eat out at a restaurant. 

"I am Dracula" intoned by a black-clad figure with bloody fangs and a bad complexion isn't nearly as scary as some of what you might hear at your local emporium of fine dining...

10. "Hi, I'm Bob, and I'll be your server tonight." 

9. "Welcome to Chuck E. Cheese." 

8. "We do take two-for-one coupons."  

7. "Of course our fish is fresh." 

6. "Would you like fries with that?" 

5. "Chicken sushi." 

4. "What health inspection?" 

3. "Manson, party of 12." 


"Fresh burrata cheese stuffed with fresh strawberries cooked in

amaretto and vanilla bean, then sprinkled with crispy pancetta and extra

virgin olive oil served on a bed of arugula." (An actual restaurant


And finally, the number-one scariest phrase you will ever hear in a restaurant is... 

"Chef Lecter recommends the liver with fava beans."


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