Palm Beach Gardens' Peureux Perfect Vodka 1864 Wins Gold at Craft Spirits Competition

Peureux Perfect Vodka

, the premium vodka company based in Palm Beach Gardens,

took a gold medal

at the 2014 International Craft Awards Competition in Los Angeles from May 5 through 10.

The vodka was judged in the Ultra Premium Spirits category among over 120 brands of spirits, including rum, tequila, whiskey, gin and even bitters from several countries. The competition also judges craft beer and wine, but actual judging for them does not take place until next month.

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Two dozen experts judge each spirit through a blind tasting procedure. Brands are scored on a 100-point scale and evaluated on characteristics such as appearance, taste, aromatics, flavor, mouth-feel and finish.

Perfect Brands, LLC, the maker of the vodka, may be based in South Florida, but the spirit is distilled and bottled exclusively in France and imported to Miami. The company was acquired by Dennis Cunningham, who considers himself a bit of a "vodka snob".

This self-proclaimed snobbery might explain why he bought the Perfect Vodka brand last year. According to the brand's website, the product is distilled with Ble'Tendre wheat (Triticum aestivum), or common wheat, that is grown in the Brie Champagne Region of France. The wheat is non-GMO, certified of-origin and grown with no pesticides, according to Cunningham. The vodka is also gluten-free.

The distiller, Distilleries Peureux, is based at the foot of the Vosges Mountains in France, which is known for its pristine, natural waters.

"It's the only vodka made with water from the Vosges," Cunningham said.

Perfect Vodka is distilled five times in copper tubing and filtered with cotton because "cotton catches everything," according to Cunningham. The product is distilled and packaged entirely in France and imported into Miami. At full capacity the distillery can produce about 24000 bottles (4,000 cases) per day.

It is available in most states and 21 countries. Currently there are one million liters available in France awaiting processing, Cunningham said.

This year, Perfect Vodka was the exclusive vodka sponsor of the La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup last month.

Check out the brand's website for a list of cocktails to make with Perfect Vodka.

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