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Six Restaurants With Unlimited Mimosas Under $30 on the Weekends

Let's face it - at the end of a crazy week, we all need a drink...or two or three (screw it, we'll take the whole bottle). If you want to keep your A.M. dinking classy, there's no better solution than the mimosa. So, we put together a list of six restaurants that serve bottomless mimosas that cost less than a regular meal would. But first, a little history on this popular drink.

Simply made but nonetheless elegant, the mimosa is most likely named after the yellow mimosa flower originally native to southeastern Australia, but widely cultivated for its beautiful blossoms in temperate regions all over the world. The genesis of mimosa the beverage is slightly less clear. A similar concoction called Buck's Fizz was created in 1921 at the Buck's Club in London, but contains much more orange juice than champagne. (Weak!)

In the 1920s, the Ritz Hotel in Paris, offered a much closer approximation of our modern mimosa, but whether they got the idea from Buck' Club or vice versa who knows. Yet another point of contention between the Brits and the French, no doubt.

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Natalya Jones