Spike TV's Bar Rescue Hits Heat Restaurant & Lounge In Hollywood

Spike TV's Bar Rescue Hits Heat Restaurant & Lounge In Hollywood

Downtown Hollywood was hit with some of California's Hollywood this last week as the Spike TV hit show Bar Rescue, where consultant Jon Taffer rips each establishment a new one and rebuilds to success, descended on Hollywood Boulevard. Their aim was to makeover Heat Restaurant & Lounge.

Trailers, lights, digital cameras, and all of the production assistants you could possibly ever want took over parts of the street while filming the 'before' sections of the episode on Thursday night. A few dozen people gathered around the outside of Heat, signing up to be on camera or in the background.

A production assistant from Taffer's company Bongo (who declined to share his name) was not very forthcoming with information, stating that they were from Los Angeles (surprise), were filming the show, and that if we wanted more information we'd have to talk to "Spike's legal department."

It looks like they had a busy weekend, because the reveal was shot just a few days later, on Sunday night.

Bongo has occupying a second floor suite of an office building on Harrison Street.

Do you have an idea what's going on? Hit us up in the comment section.

For now, stay tuned for further details on the premier.

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