Starbucks for Half Price? Yes, Through Awesome Groupon Deal

Sure, there are all these "craft" coffee and tea houses coming on to the scene. But, let's face it. When we're in need of a caffeine of sugar rush, we all head to Starbucks for a five-dollar latte and a slice of lemon cake.

And, as sure as that barista is going to spell our name wrong once again on the cup (it's Laine -- not Layle, not Lady, and certainly not Louise), we're going to complain about the price.

But what if we told you that you could get $10 worth of mocha frappuccinos and peppermint cocoas for $5?

That's right, friends. Groupon, once again, is offering a half-priced Starbucks deal.

Your Groupon is good at all participating Starbucks locations in the United States only and the Groupon is valid until May 1, 2014 (but who would leave a $10 Starbucks voucher in their possession for that long). So far, over 100,000 of these have been purchased (which means a hell of a lot of people getting the caffeine jitters). Oh, and you can only purchase one Starbucks Groupon - for you or a friend (darn).

In any event, we already purchased ours and the site says supplies are limited with two days left to purchase. We're just going to make a quick Starbucks run...

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