Make your own cheese at The Cheese Course
Make your own cheese at The Cheese Course
The Cheese Course

The Cheese Course Offers Mozzarella Making Classes

Do you ever dream about getting your hands on some cheese? We don't mean daintily nibbling on a little tidbit of cheddar -- we mean literally getting in there and plunging your hands into vats of liquid cheese in the act of making your very own mozzarella?

If you've been having cheese making fantasies, we've got just the thing

for you. The Cheese Course is holding a "hands on" mozzarella making

class where you'll really get into the action as you pull curd through

cold and hot water under the watchful eye of a trained cheese monger.


the class, you'll actually make your very own mozzarella cheese, which

you can then enjoy with some spreads and tapenades. You'll also be able

to take home the mozzarella you created.

The class is $20 per person (including materials) and all classes start at 7 p.m. There are classes scheduled in several Cheese Course locations:

  • August 22 - 3451 NE 1st Avenue, Miami
  • August 23  - 11355 South Dixie Highway, Pinecrest
  • August 24

    - 305 Plaza Real, Boca Raton,

  • August 30


    801 S. University Drive, Plantation

To register for a class, click here. All participants should wear comfortable clothing and will be asked to sign a waiver before handling hot water.


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