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The Greenbrier: A Restaurant or a Strip Club?

photo by Jamie Long
Among a sea of cleavage and thick clouds of cigarette smoke, customers of Greenbrier Smoking Lounge in Pompano Beach can enjoy a frosty adult beverage and an inexpensive nosh.

There is a significant paucity of clothing covering the attractive female staff, which makes you wonder what kind of establishment you are frequenting. Is Greenbrier a restaurant, bar, or a strip club?

A large-breasted bartender dressed in a dark negligee accepted my order

of Buffalo-style chicken tenders as she stuffed a handful of fries into

her mouth swiped off the plate of a nearby customer -- one who didn't

seem to mind. Aside from the food thievery, the service is as pleasant

as it is to watch the bartender's writhing body shake while mixing a

drink. If you aren't too dizzy from ogling the bouncing twins, step

over to one of the many billiard tables or dartboards for a game or two.

The establishment on Powerline Road serves food for a limited amount of time (the kitchen closes around 7:30 p.m.) to control their alcohol-sales-to-food costs so that patrons can legally smoke inside. The menu offers a selection of tasty appetizers, sandwiches, and seafood that will set you back a mere $6-$10. Lunch specials are only $5.50 and offered from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

The lounge with three large bars is a humble watering hole serving many loyal patrons who reminisce of the days when bartenders were a bit more risqué. At one time, bartenders were known to remove their tops to pick up a Jenga-style stack of dollar bills with their bare breasts. But the days when a nipple made a regular appearance are supposedly long gone after getting in trouble with officials for not being licensed for public exposure.

Is Greenbrier a strip club? Since bartenders are no longer taking their clothes off and no one is getting a lap dance, the answer is technically, no. Be that as it may, Greenbrier is an interesting neighborhood bar and smoking lounge where diners can grab a bite to eat and an eyeful of curvaceous scantily clad women.

Greenbrier Smoking Lounge, 1100 S Powerline Rd, Pompano Beach, FL

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Jamie Long
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