The Prancercise Lady and Dennis Rodman Star in Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' Ads

How do you know you've made it? When you've starred in one of those neon-green pistachio commercials.

The commercial campaign for Wonderful Pistachios is as addictive as the product it touts. Featuring both celebs with major star power and internet sensations wearing green and cracking their nuts, the ads are sassy and of the moment.

People gracing the green include Snoop Dogg, Psy, Dennis Rodman, Homer and Bart Simpson, and the Honey Badger. Well, it's fall, and there are a new bunch of nuts celebs shelling shilling for pistachios. First up -- Dennis Rodman, complete with green hair.

Now, the latest person (or psychotic animal) to get the nutty treatment is none other than Joanna Rohrback, the Coral Springs resident who invented Prancercise.

The 19-second video shows our local pretty pony telling us to "quit your yakkin' and get crackin" before breaking out in full prance.

But don't think it's all fun and games. In an interview with CNN's Jeanne Moos, Rohrback says it took 100 to 200 takes to get the perfect prance.

We say go on, Prancercise Lady. Congratulations, and prance your way to stardom. Watch the awesomeness as our gal prances her way to health.

And here's Rodman acting nutty with a dictator:

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