Tonight's Truffle Dinner: A Bargain for Just $425

Luxurious. Indulgent. Decadent.

All words used to describe the taste of truffles.

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Over the past few years, truffle flavors have been popping up on menus everywhere. Though they were once reserved for the rich, every man and his dog are now enjoying the earthy aroma of the highly coveted truffle. Truffle oil has basically become just another condiment. Did trickle-down economics finally work? Have the poor finally won a small victory?  Are we entering teh age of a truffle democracy? 

No, not really. The truffle oils that are commonly used nowadays may smell and taste like the real thing, but in most cases it's just a synthetic chemical -- 2,4-diathiapentane -- that simulates the truffle taste.

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As with so many things in life, the real good stuff is reserved for the rich. Well guess what? It's white truffle season right now. And you can get in on the truffle season action. If you have 425 bucks, that is.

Tonight, at Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach, Executive Chef Jim Leiken and and Pastry Chef Arnaud Chauvigny will be serving a five-course white truffle dinner. The restaurant will be offering dishes such as langoustine carpaccio with hearts of palm, chives, white sesame, and lemon olive oil and a gianduja chocolate dome with white truffle salted caramel core.

Award-winning sommelier Mariya Kovachev will be pairing wines with each course.

The dinner begins at 7 pm. Call ahead for reservations.

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