Flickr user: Infrogmation
Flickr user: Infrogmation

"Tour de Bar": Barhop by Bicycle on Saturday

Leave it to the engineers to come up with this one. A couple of decades ago, a bunch of old Pratt-Whitney guys who were into beer began this bar pedal (not a crawl, get it?) around north Palm Beach County. It's been kept up in some form annually since then.

This year's Tour de Bar is Saturday, June 26,

and starts at noon at the mother of all burger dives, the Brass Ring Pub. It continues to Betty Ann's, the Inlet Lounge, the Islands (formerly the Downlow), and over the Blue Heron bridge -- providing you're still upright. Then just follow the pack.

It's not advertised or formally organized, but a hub for info is a few blocks down from the Brass Ring at On Your Mark Bike Shop in Lake Park (819 Federal Highway, Lake Park;; 561-842-2453). They will provide bike rentals for Tour de Bar for $30 a day. There's a two-day minimum -- ostensibly, you'll stay overnight on Singer Island or nearby.


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